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IFF, UX | UI Service Design Lead - Contract, Jan18 – May19
Architected and Designed a Component Library to create all of IFF's Internal Applications. Responsible for User-Flows, High-Fidelity Wireframes, User Testing, and Quality Assurance. Worked directly with the C-Suite to design Dashboards to provide management and employees with the necessary insight to successfully run IFF.

UPMC, UX Product Design Lead - Contract, Jul17 – Dec17
Responsible for rethinking the responsive website and the iOS/Android Mobile App for MyUPMC. Designed a Component Library for the internal UX Designers to build out future functionality. Prototyped flows for stakeholder buy-in, user testing, and development specifications.

IBM (Watson), UX Product Design Lead - Contract, Mar16 – Dec16
Leveraging Watson as a coach to help guide IBMers to learn the proper topics for their position. The Internal Educational Platform provided IBMers the ability to voice their ideas while learning. Through social components, great ideas bubbled up to the surface to be recognized by all. (Division of, UX Product Design Lead - Contract, 
2014-15:  Responsible to design Audible’s new service, AudibleUnlimited, to the new marketplace of Japan. Tasked with increasing the number of new member acquisitions and retaining them by restructuring the presentation of audiobooks for the US Marketplace.
2012 -13: Tasked to redesign from the ground up. Received US Patent 9,471,203 Presenting Animated Visual Supplement Content for an Amazon product. Redesign Highlights:

Established an agile structure accelerating product time to market by 23%.
Revenue per visitor 5.3% higher.
Conversion to recurring membership up 400 bps. 
Solicited customer feedback: 87% is overwhelmingly positive.


In the UX field we talk about "unicorns" designers with a rare combination of talents, who are creative, have strong skills in visual design, interaction design, interactive prototyping and don't require a lot of direction. Colin is a unicorn, a rare talent and you will be lucky to have him.

I've been privileged to work with some of the best product design/UX teams on the planet. They are filled with extraordinarily talented, capable, creative and technically skilled people. 

Colin is all of those things, without the drama, ego, and nastiness that sometimes goes with working at that level. 

I've been extremely happy to have Colin on my team for the last year. I have high standards for quality and I expect the best from the people I work with. Colin has never disappointed me. 

My experience managing Colin has been fantastic. He is a great collaborator, and can be trusted to get to the right solution quickly and with very little oversight. 

He takes critique like a pro, and will push back on solutions he believes in, but picks his battles carefully and intelligently. He's usually right, and the results show in the work. 

I would not hesitate to hire Colin again in the future, especially in a role that requires a hybrid design skill set. Colin's commitment to craft, work ethic, personal integrity and easy-going, good-natured attitude make him a pleasure to work with.

Colin Ochel is a creative, fast, reliable, and solution oriented professional. I've used him for many projects and he always over-delivers. Initially, we leveraged Colin to help create demos for user testing, but very quickly we started leveraging his expertise for much more, including concept and product design, more advanced demos and product explorations, in addition to core product design.
Especially important – Colin grasps ideas and understands goals quickly then moves to execute with speed and accuracy. This is especially important as we tend to move very quickly, have rapid feedback and short timeframes. Colin also brings passion and commitment to every design project – I feel as though he is a member of the team. He’s never short on ideas and he helps take our projects to the next level.

Colin Ochel conceives, grasps & advances creative concepts quickly & richly. He understands business objectives (as well as limitations), takes direction exceptionally well, and is able to generate new ideas on time and on strategy. He hits his deadlines, comes to the table with quality thinking & sound creative, and is true to his word. And the creative work he produces: elegant, well-crafted and always, always thoughtful.

Plus Colin’s old-school interactive: having been in the industry since its infancy, he thinks in digital media and innately understands how creative messaging “works” in interactive. He’s able to transition smoothly from conceptual thinking to pragmatic implementation, providing the same high-level thinking and detail-orientation to production & design work as he does to his concept work. And once in a while, he’s even funny.

It’s always my pleasure to be partnering with Colin on a creative challenge.
So, yeah, I’d recommend him.


In 2007, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Page Crush.
It gives you some insight on how I got started back in 1996.

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