Illos Shoe line:
This project was completed in 2011 for my senior exhibition at the University of South Dakota. I used hand drawn sketches as the main focus.
The shoe line consists of four pairs of shoes that are in accordance with the seasons of the year. The title Illos is my play on the word Illustration.

I created a paper mached box for the package of the shoes to support the hand done feel of all of the pieces. The shoe boxes are significantly smaller than most shoe boxes you see on the shelves today. This is to help reduce space when stacking multiple pairs of shoes.

In order to further this line t-shirts, business packages, and posters were created.
Exhibition set up
Autumn Shoe
Winter Shoe
Summer Shoe
Spring Shoe
labels/check list
stationary and business cards
winter poster and all seasons poster
summer and spring posters
autumn poster