A few weeks back, I discovered the world of freelensing.  What is freelensing, you might ask?  Freelensing is done using a SLR or DSLR and a lens that is 50mm or bigger.  You simply detach the lens, turn it around, and take a photograph through the lens "backwards".  It is a little difficult in terms of focusing and making sure that your camera doesn't get any dust or moisture in it, but the resulting images can be amazing.  
By using the freelensing technique, virtually any lens can become a macro or tilt-shift lens. I have yet to attempt any tilt-shift photography (as I had no previous interest in it), but I was able to get some pretty nice macro shots.

WARNING:  If you are going to attempt freelensing, make sure that you are EXTREMELY careful about not only where you do it, but also how long you keep the lens detached from the body of your camera.  I only took it off for the duration of each shot (as opposed to carrying them around separately the entire time).  The longer you keep them separate (or the dustier/more humid location you're in), the greater the risk of you ruining your beloved camera!