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Surya-retractable radiator

2023 Golden Pin Concept Design Award - Awarded 
2023 Reddot Design Award : Design concept - Finalist
2023 Vision Get wild Product Design - Merit
2023 K Design - Finalist
2023 DIA - Finalist
2023 CDA - Finalist

Sūrya (2023)
: Retractable radiator

The electric heater has a retractable structure that enhances air circulation and heating efficiency, providing a more comfortable and warm experience.

In recent years, with the frequency of extreme weather, unusually cold winters have increased the demand for heaters. Even though underfloor heating is slower, it can even out the temperature. Conversely, heaters heat up quickly but can only heating smaller area. Therefore, we look to find a balance between the two to maximize the benefits of heating.

Based on the oil-filled radiator, replacing the original fan blade structure with a new type of retractable structure, which opens and closes with the heater to expand its air circulation space. The contact area between the radiator blades and the air is larger, which effectively improves the heating efficiency of the heater and makes our bodies warmer.
/ Heat dissipation                                                       / Movable joint   
  Accelerated air circulation.                                                        With free extension and contraction,                                                                                                    the heater is not limited to a single                                                                                                      length.
/ Free form design                                                                            / Touch screen         Curved edges guide airflow.                                                                              Easy to set the                                                                                                                                  temperature control                                                                                                                            with a single touch.
Surya-retractable radiator


Surya-retractable radiator