Yota Devices Singapore, Germany, Finland

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  • A leading user experience company (Finland, Singapore and Germany)
    Yota Devices is a private international company dedicated to developing and producing high-tech consumer LTE devices such as smartphones, modems and routers. YotaPhone, the world’s first dual-screen, always-on smartphone developed by YotaDevices, is now sold in 20 markets of Europe, the CIS and Middle East.
    Flëve was invited to help the Yota Devices Company systematize all visual communications, determine a way of displaying all products – from YotaPhone to YotaRuby – and develop an identity system that represents both the business successes of the parent company Yota and the innovative flow of Yota Devices. 

    The clean and simple ID system has a wordmark that works perfectly on all Yota Devices products. Nothing distracts you from the core – the advanced technology and the new approach to making devices. We also designed the new corporate website that aims to sell Yota Devices on the international market – from Spain to the United Kingdom.
  • Some photos from MWC 2014
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