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Creative Team Office Hours
Get your Boba Tea and join us!
Art Direction: Kellie Dubois
Design: Gawon Lee
DAI in-house creative team is holding online office hours, where we make ourselves available to the rest of the company. 

The idea is for designers and non-designers to come together, build relationships, share ideas, brainstorm works in progress, and stimulate the creative process. We invite a guest across the company to get us started with a short interview that sheds light on our respective areas of work. Any given office hour might include features such a design review, presentation of a final product or workshops.
We try to address any and all design questions, from the everyday (How do I crop this picture?) to the more challenging (What's the best way to visualize this concept?) to the fundamental (Does design matter?). We hope you'll drop by, ask a question, share some thoughts, or just say hello.
We use OBS studio to produce the office hours witch give a unique and more interactive experience to our colleague across the globe. 
Why Hold Office Hours?
DAI is a big, diverse, geographically dispersed company. People are busy and likely unaware of what the in-house designers are working on, or what we can offer. 

At the same time, we want to stay connected to recent international development trends, feedback from customers, and what we're learning from our experience in the field or from recent proposal wins and losses. To make the most of the hours we spend developing design solutions, we want to open our work up for others to question, inform, and challenge.
Creative Team Office Hours

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Creative Team Office Hours

DAI in-house creative team is now holding online office hours, where we make ourselves available to the rest of the company. The idea is for des Read More