A collaboration between Victor Eide, Thomas Johanssen & Henrik Dahlqvist
"The time has come to present a new wallpaper especially made for the visitors of From up North. And this piece is a collaboration of three young guys studying Digital Media in the worldwide renowned school Hyper Island

A word from the guys
We are 3 digital artists, studying the Digital Media program at Hyper Island in Sweden. We come from different backgrounds and have very different styles when it comes to our work. A couple months ago we decided to do a wallpaper together. The plan behind it was to do something awesome (of course) and to get recognition, and to get our names out there. It was really successful and we are really happy about the result and the feedback we got from different artists and designers. We were then contacted by From Up North and asked if we could do something for them, of course, we couldn't say no! 

We sat down and brainstormed, and decided to do a "northern" theme. We are all from Sweden and Norway and hence the name "From Up North" it became very obvious that this is the way it should be done. In the end we did a mixed theme, with inspiration from our countries, and some just from our creative minds.

Feel free to contact us about anything. We are all looking for a 7 month long internship, starting november 2011."

Thomas Johanssen

Victor Eide

Henrik Dahlqvist

You can find the post and download the wallpaper here.