"Our" in Portuguese. 
Represents the community of electric car owners.


00  Teaser​​​​​​​

01  Overview
With the trend of electric cars, the issue of range anxiety is becoming vitally important. 
NOSSO uses V2V technology to integrate hardware and software to create a network of mutually rechargeable rescue services.
It is designed to connect car owners with each other in anticipation of the psychology and to recharge the power.​​​​​​​

02  Contributor / Recipient​​​​​​​
When the electric car runs out of power, the app calls the surrounding Contributor to rescue power Recipient.
Contributors will receive benefits such as points after each support for power replenishment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“ Recipients send a request for recharge and
Contributor support recharge power.”

03  Institution
 The app connects contributors and recipients and guides the preparation and operation, 
while the hardware provides power transmission and power control.


Combined with V2V vehicle-to-vehicle charging technology, this system enables electric vehicles to assist electric vehicles.
Additionally, it provides a 7.5m cable set (Charging length for roadside front and rear parking conditions), 
as well as power control and transmission.

Through the app, it sends out a request for power supply and looks for help from other owners nearby (Contributors), 
who come to charge and take out the hardware placed between the two cars.

Turn on the switch and press the Bluetooth connection to the phone. 
Next, operate the charging process.

Charging plug pulled out to charge both cars.
The Contributor is the output and the Recipient is the input.

Screen shows the remaining charging time.

Start Charing !

04  Interface


05  Photography​​​​​​​

06  Process

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Han Hao-Yu ( HTH Design )

Huang Yuan-Zhen ( Kimmy )

Tseng Shi-Kai

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