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Rescue Jet Uno - KYORCA
Industrial Design
Rescue Jet Uno - KYORCA

An Underwater Vehicle 
for Various Emergency Situations

Design by Hsin Chen​​​​​​​

Current Underwater Vehicle Problem

Ocean problems have become increasingly serious in recent years, making underwater rescue and maintenance work more important. However, specialized underwater vehicles lack the diversity of their land-based counterparts, current underwater propulsion systems have lower adaptability to situations, only applicable to a single task.

Underwater Vehicle 
for Varies Emergency Situations
My concept is to create an ideal tool for underwater workers, researchers, and divers - A vehicle that could rush to the rescue scenes, be compact yet have the capacity to carry a certain volume of tools and equipment. It is also equipped with a display device that could communicate with the crew above the water, and with navigation functionality. Further, it is built in with power LED searchlight for deep underwater work.

Coral Restoration Research

Initial Form Exploration

Rescue Jet Uno

Aqua-dynamic efficient design​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Keeping the Rescue Jet Uno and the body in a horizontal posture allows the user to reduce the water resistance when diving & forwarding, and the jet channel is located below the device, to prevent strong water flow affecting the diver.

Interchangeable Modularize Tool Box
It has a storage space that can be equipped with different module boxes, i.e. hand tools, power tools, medical-aid kits, research equipment, etc. With this feature, the Rescue Jet Uno can then cover a wide range of operations, and is able to effectively respond to various situations
Hand tools, Power tools, Medical-aid kits, Research equipment

Lighthouse Mode
The underwater visibility is extremely low, so a searchlight composed of multiple LED lights can provide a powerful light source. Rescue Jet Uno has neutral buoyancy attribute, and due to equipped with balanced-vacuum capacity inside the device, it will stays in place vertically to brighten the surroundings like a lighthouse, thus providing users with more visibility during operation in the dark.
Underwater Engineer

Ashore - Standing Mode
An adjustable handle can be put away, rotate the Rescue Jet Uno vertically, use the rubber foot under the screen and the handle as a tripod; it can stand on the ground stably to be placed and carried on land.
Rubber Foot
Handel on the top makes it easier to carry


1:1 Scale Model

Modeling in Rhino 7, rendering in Keyshot 10.

Rescue Jet Uno - KYORCA
Designed by Hsin Chen



Rescue Jet Uno - KYORCA

Rescue Jet Uno - KYORCA