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SnapScan - Explainer Video
Motion Graphics

In 2013, SnapScan launched one of the first mobile payment apps in South Africa, and has been changing the way South Africans pay and get paid - one snap at a time.

We were approached early in the process of relaunching their new website to help update their look with a fresh take. They needed content to help explain what SnapScan is and for the artwork to live online, in social media, and many of their everyday touch-points.

Lucan Visuals was responsible for the story, direction, and animation.

Main Character Development

We were tasked develop a relatable main character that would appeal to the South African target market. The character, named Lira, was envisioned as a young and energetic personality that could embody the app's ease of use and convenience.

Lira became an integral part of SnapScan's online presence, helping to convey the app's key features in a relatable and memorable way.​​​​​​​


Some still and moving style frames to showcase the colourful and energetic aesthetic we used to bring SnapScan's functionality to life.


It’s was important for SnapScan that we build scenes where specific content can be isolated and repurposed for use across various other channels online or throughout their social media messaging.
SnapScan - Explainer Video

SnapScan - Explainer Video

In 2013, SnapScan launched one of the first mobile payment apps in South Africa. By combining our ingenuity with Standard Bank's impressive finan Read More