Reverse Magazine
We called it "Reverse" thinkin about the old music cassettes, where you had to manually "reverse" to listen the other side. In the same way you have to "reverse" the magazine when you reach the last page of the "first" side you just read.
The logo of the magazine
As you can see, you can choose from where to start reading, there's no A-side or B-side, they are both X-side.
We wanted to "contaminate" both covers with elements from the other cover.
In the Bee Gees one, you can see a Converse shoe thrown in by Johnny Ramone and a Disco Light "entering" in the Ramones cover from the Bee Gees one.
Printed final version (Bee Gees)
The project asked for:
- Story of the band
- A visual representation of a song
- An interview
- A remake of an album packaging
- Textures
Ramones story
Bee Gees Story
Ramones Texture
Bee Gees Texture
Visual representation of the Ramones song "I wanna be sedated".
Visual representation of Bee Gees song "Night Fever"
The Ramones interview was made like an old comic strip with that particular style of the 70's comic books.
This because we know Ramones were a little nerds and they loved comic books.
For the Ramones packaging we decided to make a ripped-jeans case that would show only the title of the album. A Ramones pin is in the package and the titles of the songs are printed on a backpatch in the back of the case.
The cover of the Ramones Album
We made a "mixed" texture for both bands. Here you can see beer bottles for the Ramones mixed with champagne glasses for the Bee Gees.