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    Reviving fading traditions in 2050 for Visual Communication II Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design & Media
For this project, we were tasked to pick a specific fading tradition in Singapore and reintroduce it to the audience of year 2050 targetted after a series of research and studies conducted. My chosen tradition is Traditional Chinese Medicine and the vision of this project is to see TCM being reintroduced as a lifestyle and also as a convenient medical solution readily available islandwide for the busy working adults of 2050.
At The Healing Company, we believe that your body deserves more than chemicals that do no good to you in the long term. You can choose to experience the wonderful healing powers of nature.
Our FIVE MINUTES ONLY product line is carefully formulated by a team of committed pharmacists who wanted an ideal: not only effective, but undoubtedly safe, natural, convenient, healthy and affordable - everyone deserves it. All our ingredients are natural - no chemicals at all. Our natural ingredients are brought together based on the studies of traditional Chinese medicine - but we make sure that it tastes good, looks good, smells good, and is good for your body. Our mission is to make natural herbs a part of your lifestyle, to simplify life’s problems and to redefine the pharmaceutical brand of today.
tablets for common colds
teabags for menstrual cramps
syrup for fatigue
facial spray for sensitive skin
tea leaves for headaches
For more information about the development and background of this project, visit imaginewithmefor2050.tumblr.com.