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    Modelling and render stills of the Lift asset I made for the Fractured Skyline game trailer.
Crop from final video
Modelling and texturing shots of the Lift model I produced for the Fractured Skyline game trailer, by Preliminal games.
Modeled & textured by Mark Jores from concept drawings by Ian McCaughrean. Building model & Maya rendering by Nick van Diem. Compositing by Mark Jores
Tools used - Lightwave 3d, Photoshop.
Rendered in Maya. Composited in After Effects.
Lift sketch concepts by Ian McCaughrean
Lift concept art ​by Ian McCaughrean
3D model wireframe render
Exterior ambient occlusion test render
Baking AO & Grime passes into texture maps
Lift model with final textures
Lift interior modelling