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Wake me up when spring comes

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For me photography means happiness, enjoying my solitude, living only in the present time, being fascinated by what I have before my eyes, and trying later to be able to show, to share the feelings that nature inspires in me.

Here I show you a small collection of images taken this autumn-winter.

The cover is a sleeping mining bee, one of my favorite insects. I can't wait for spring to come again to photograph them again.
The gear I use in this type of photography is:
Canon EOS 80D
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens
Tokina atx-i 11-16mm F2.8 Canon EF lens. 
Befree Advances GT XPRO tripod
(I always use tripod for macro photography)

I don't know if it's just me, but even the simplest beings, such as mushrooms, make me see that among them there is a feeling of love and protection. The closer I get to nature, the more I fall in love with it.
Maybe this landscape doesn't follow the advice of landscape photographers at all... but for me misty mornings are so relaxing and special, that I want to share it with someone who can feel the beauty that I see in it. I hope this place knows how important it is for me.
I have been seeing these "tiny eggs" scattered along the paths on dead wood for days. I thought they might be insect or small reptile laying eggs, until I met some hiking friends who told me that there were some very strange mushrooms on the path. In fact I understood that what I thought were eggs, were actually small mushrooms (Leocarpus fragilis). How peculiar they are, they barely lift a couple of millimeters off the ground and spread out in large clusters. Nature will always try to trick us.​​​​​​​

This little hero decided to leave his lethargy and see what the world was like in this strange December we are living through.​​​​​​​
Fungi family called "bird's nest". The truth is that they look like small nests full of eggs.... I find them so cute that even the name is nice :)
I find myself so close to this place of nature, that I think it has magical powers that make you see autumn throughout the whole year.
Guadiato River. Cordoba, Spain
Yes, to take this photo I had to cross the river and stand on an unstable rock (quite a bit). 
I prayed that my camera and I wouldn't fall into the river, but the God of wireless headphones was enjoying a playlist on Spotify at the time, ignoring my prayers, and my headphones fell into that flowing water... sometimes I think it would be funny to show what goes on behind the scenes :)
Sometimes perfect peace means walking in solitude on a frosty morning, where you only hear the crunching of ice crystals under your shoes... it's even kind of funny :)​​​​​​​
Detail of a wild asparagus. Everything covered by frost looks kind of prettier, doesn't it?
The last frost of winter... I guess...
I don't know what it is about winter that attracts me so much - maybe its soft light throughout the day? or maybe I like to watch the frost melt as it is first touched by the delicate sunlight? repeating that scene on a loop in the following mornings... for as long as this beautiful season lasts.
The macrophotography shows me the world in another color, tells me of promises, reveals to me the beauty in a plant that is wilted, fallen, dead and covered with frost, but knowing that it will sprout soon.
Photography is very enjoyable and makes you see the world in a fun way. For example, on winter mornings the grasses are full of little stars with the help of dewdrops. This makes you breathe freedom. Not bad for the times we live in, right?
These tiny blue wild flowers (Veronicas persicas or bird's-eye), are the ones that announce to us that the cold weather is over, that spring is almost greeting us. It is a humble plant that grows low to the ground, but in groups they give a beautiful shade of sky blue to the meadow. As well as brightening up your eyesight, it is a medicinal plant. 
A couple of mornings ago I went out to look for them, and they did not disappoint me, there they were waiting for our annual date. 

*NOTE: the photo is shot by a focus stacking. On one side I focused the drop of water that is on the leaf and then I focused the pistils, always using a f/2.8 to give softness to the background.
It's a file photo, from a couple of years ago, maybe more. I miss these little sleepers a lot, but I'll be taking pictures of them again soon, if the future doesn't catch up with us first.​​​​​​​

Wake me up when spring comes

Wake me up when spring comes