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Team Liquid 2015 Brand Update

Team Liquid is a strong brand in esports. But after using the original logo for a few years, I saw a big opportunity to address the challenges we (staff) had using it. So in 2015 I decided to tackle updating the logo.

My goal was to completely update the brand with a new logo, typeface, and colors — in a way that kept its core identity in tact. And while the latter two never quite hit the right level of quality, the icon was officially adopted in 2016.

The following is the work I did to improve the icon.
A Solid Foundation
In order to tackle the subtler issues, I first had to have solid ground. So the first task was to ensure the shield and body set a bunch of ground rules that could be used to guide the remaining work. This was especially true of the curvature of the neck, and the symmetry of the shield.
Once the shield and the body had been tackled I explored a few options for the manes. 
the most important task was to make sure that the curvature and space of the manes were consistent. And this meant that I had to devise a way to iterate the same basic curvature across each line segment.

While I explored several options, repetitions in 12° increments in a slight offset had the best rhythm by far and created an optimal balance with the overall icon. It also reinforced a more atomic idea too… Liquid is 6 letters, and there were now 6 manes.
Once the manes were complete, all that was left was putting it together:
Final Version
The overall change is pretty subtle, but here's a comparison of the two:
I'm incredibly proud of this work and how it's impacted Team Liquid since it was completed. It opened up entirely new options in our day-to-day work, set the foundation for the brand update in 2020, and began what has become a major pillar for Team Liquid's brand (6 becoming a thematic element).
Client: Team Liquid
Year: 2015
Team Liquid 2015 Brand Update


Team Liquid 2015 Brand Update

Refining an Iconic Identity in Esports


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