The new Leica T-System.
Leica just launched its new camera system: a mix of meticulous product design, real german craftsmanship and (of course) a masterpiece of optical design. The new "contemporary" system is sheer joy of photography. It is absolutely focused on the essentials, is very easy to use and simple to understand.
The whole communication for this camera follows the same characteristics – nothing is extraneous, everything is essential. Like the "most boring ad ever made". It is filmed in one single take, is very focused on details and has got no schnick-schnack at all. Just like the new print communication design with its simplified use of typography and imagery. Even the format of the brochure got reduced to the exact camera shape.
Enjoy less. Because less is more.
The new Leica T camera.
Milled from a solid block of aluminium and handpolished for 45 minutes that it feels as good as it looks.
The most boring ad ever made?
The Leica T-System Launch Film.
The new Communication Design. 
Conscious reduction. Simply beautiful.
Posters & Adverts
Leica T System – Print Communication & Film