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    Logo explorations for a small micro-brewery
Monument Brewery was going to be a craft brewery based out of Provincetown, MA. There were two names being considered but I always preferred Monument Brewery over Starving Artist Brewery. Both names have their roots in the community with Pilgrim Monument being the basis for the first name. This monument formed the basis for my logo explorations. Sadly it never got off the ground but the project was a lot of fun to work on none the less. These were my favorites from the bunch.
Color version of the logo
Logo in use on a beer glass
Alternate version of the tower using just the very top portion and using a different script font for the word "Brewery".
Alternate design for the tower, simplifying the look and incorporating an M as the base.
Alternate layout for the above logo, removing the hops elements and breaking the logo out of the box.
Logo applied to a bottlecap,