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Notable designers and studios from around the world were invited to produce 1 print, as part of a 50 print exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Brasília. One of the most beautiful cities in the world and still ahead of it's time - thanks largely in part to the ultra-futuristic, and modernist architecture devised by legendary Brasilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer.
I decided to take the brief further and work on the identity for a design festival itself - modeled as an event celebrating contemporary design and architecture from around the world, but with a focus on Brasil. Instead of simply focusing on prints, the festival has various strands focusing on Brasilian movies, films, design talks and a discussion of Brasilian icons from Oscar Niemeyer to Pelé. This provides a more holistic celebration of not just Brasilian design, but culture.
The organisation of the event would capitalise on the increased awareness and interest in Brasilian culture due to the FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place just a few weeks later.
A strong focus throughout was aiming to capture the vibrancy of Brasilian culture, particularly colour. And combining this with a strong mathematical and a modernist aesthetic, referencing architectural grids, surface and form.
In the spirit of architecture and mathematical design, 
the primary, and secondary logo, and abstract 
forms across the identity were all designed on an 
isometric, or squared grid. 

To further create a strong aesthetic of 
angles, surface and form. Key elements  of 
architectural design.
All geometric imagery, and illustration across
material such as posters focus on a deconstruction
of Oscar Niemeyer's architecture. Creating a strong, 
bold and a modernist aesthetic aligning with the ethos
of Brasília, and fundamentals of architecture.
Brasília 50 pushes the awareness and interaction
towards Brasilian design and culture by having
four different strands, focusing on print exhibitions,
design talks, discussions and exhibitions of Brasilian
icons, and screenings of culturally important films.
All facets of the festival, possess their own colour
and colour coded collateral for ease of use, 
and wayfinding. For example tickets:
The isometric logo lends itself well towards
application on surface in a dynamic way for a
more guerrila form of promotion focused on 
surface and form, as seen below.
A primary aim throughout was to be clear,
and concise in communication, allowing
each material, from invite, to invoice being
clear in it's message immediately.
Tone of voice, aims to be friendly and
approachable. Mixing Portuguese language,
with a more worldwide approach of English,
being careful to use words almost universally
recognisable, such as "Olá!" as you open
the envelope.
A web, and digital presence is vital for a
contemporary event. Idents and short transitions
such as the one below, allow Brasîlia 50+ to add
a layer of legitimacy to videos and online channels
to share content on.
To further add reference to architecture, and strong
importance towards grids. All illustrations, across posters
layouts, and the Brasilia 50 logos were created on
a series of custom grids.
Diecut frontcover Brasília 50 programme
is a breakdown of the festival itself, and 
information on all events and elements 
of the event, again with colour coded 
sections and a modernist layout aiming
towards ease of use.
Postcards, for the international audience that
Brasîlia 50 would aim to attract. Colour coded
pieces work individually, but form a full 
architectual form when lined up.
Thank you for viewing, hopefully you
enjoyed this short, but very enjoyable
imagining of Brasília 50. 
The festival that celebrates 50 years
of a beautiful city and contemporary
design culture.
Brasília 50+

Brasília 50+

Notable designers and studios from around the world were invited to produce 1 print, as part of a 50 print exhibition celebrating the 50th annive Read More


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