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Photo retouching, restoration and coloring
Photo retouching, restoration, coloring and adjustment
Printed old photographs, touched-up and colorized.
Touched-up portrait of a father and grandfather, including lens blurring of the background.
A heavily compressed 320 x 240 pixels video frame from an early-generation digital camera, enlarged and enhanced.
Restoration of a photo from a scanned old printed magazine page, featuring the Team Hoi Amiga game developers.
Removal experiment, using an old photo of our Amiga game development team. Removed our coder, just for fun. We're still good friends. 😊
Compressed, low-resolution JPEG photo from the Web, upscaled and details restored.
Touch-up and depth-of-field lens blur in a portrait cropped from a group photo.
Andy Warhol holding a mouse next to an Amiga 1000 with a tilted monitor, around its public introduction in July 1985. Such a magical time of the digital revolution. ❤️
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A young Robert Crumb on the New York subway, 1968. Photographed by Harry Benson.
Restoration and colorization of an old photo that was supplied as the distorted left-side mobile snapshot of the printed photo.
Note that the subject's face is out of focus in the original photograph.
Printed old military service group photo, touched-up and colorized.
A heavily compressed JPEG photo from the Web, upscaled, denoised and sharpened.
Photo retouching, restoration and coloring


Photo retouching, restoration and coloring