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Sunstar Campaign Key Visual Design

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Sanstar, a well-known and innovative leader in the fruit juice industry, has once again demonstrated its creativity and competitiveness with its Joy+ product line. These products come in 750ml packs and have been designed to complement alcoholic beverages. The marketing team faced significant challenges in introducing this unique product to the Iranian market, which has complicated regulations. However, they managed to overcome these challenges successfully. Six months after the product launch, the marketing team has decided to reintroduce it to the audience with an ATL campaign in specific regions designated as A and A+.

The Sanstar brand team has commissioned us to create three artworks for their Joy+ products: Red Dragon, Green Summer, and Blueberry Nights. Our artwork should showcase the products in a glass filled with a drink in a setting that evokes the ambiance of nighttime parties while also reflecting the product's color theme.

What Comes Out!
The solution to the problem involved a thorough analysis of the brief, followed by an ideation session with the brand team, during which the visual details and design elements were meticulously selected and listed.
Considering the diversity of the product themes, the large export file size, and the brand team's emphasis on quality and detail, we opted not to utilize traditional photography techniques for executing these designes. Instead, we decided to utilize 3D rendering and photo montage techniques, which we will delve into in the subsequent stages of this project.

Red Dragon:
For the Red Dragon product, the visual concept centered around a night party setting, with red lighting in the background and a stone table featuring a glass of beverage with ice cubes, positioned next to the product pack.

Green Summer:
For the Green Summer product, the visual was that of a party in a verdant garden during a summer sunset, with a wooden table adorned with a glass of beverage with ice, placed beside the product pack.

Blueberry Nights:
Lastly, for the Blueberry Nights product, the visual featured a modern house with blue and purple tones and a cityscape view visible from the window in the background. A glass table, the product pack and a glass filled with a beverage and ice cubes completed the scene.

The team
Meet Our Professional Team

Creative Art Director
— Kaveh Kazemee

3D Modeling and Rendering
— Reza Ansari

Graphic Designer
— Elham Eshaghi

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Sunstar Campaign Key Visual Design

Sunstar Campaign Key Visual Design

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