Acuvue - Health & Safety

3D Motion

 Embark on a captivating journey where science intertwines with magic. 
Our latest film for the iconic lens brand unveils the enchanting story behind Acuvue beauty contact lenses, transporting us to an untouched, clinical artic world - a pristine laboratory inspired by the very essence of nature. 
Here, the beauty of innovation comes to life with a magical touch, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the enchantment of the "Inspired by Nature" brand vision. 




Client. Acuvue
Agency. Zorba Group (Singapore)
Production HouseMoon Studio
Head of Creative Services. Thomas Bertossi
 Creative Lead. Anne Zonza
Creative Strategist. Kenneth Lee
 Lifescience Strategist. Jean-Pierre Descours
Account Director. Qianhui Guay
Project Manager. Genevieve Chia

Animation Studio. Sunny Studio
Director. Samir Senane​​​​​​​
Executive Producer. Felipe Bernard 
3D Artists. The Dink, Joris Van den Berg, Florent Bizec, Clément Le Bouc, Samir Senane
Fx Artist. Tom Freitag
Compositing. Florent Bizec, Mathieu Gaspard
Color Grader. Romain Loiseau

Music & Sound Design. Zelig Sound

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Acuvue - Health & Safety