Il Giardino Planetario (The Planetary Garden)

3D Motion
(The Planetary Garden)
Il Giardino Planetario is the first collaboration of Noruwei with the Italian artist Pietro Ruffo
we created a 3D CGI animation produced with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute
of Los Angeles, framed by four curtains made of ink on polyester.
Inspired by the French philosopher Gilles Clement, the concept is an evocative allegory 
of our planet as a garden, highlighting the nature of our ecosystem and the delicate balance 
of life within, celebrating its resilience in the face of environmental challenges.
​​​​​​​The Animation

We wanted to offer an analysis of our ever-changing landscape, revealing the complex connection 
between nature and human activity drawing upon the visive power of digital art.
 From the lush waters of tropical forests to the sparse savannah and alpine mountains, 
this project is an organic journey in our environment with a deep reverence for nature.
Il Giardino Planetario reveals the dynamic interplay of our natural world, reminding us 
of the vital importance of preserving and protecting our fragile ecosystem for future generations.

@Los Angeles Art Show Diverseart
The unveiling of the animation took place at the prestigious Los Angeles art show DIVERSEart LA in February 2023, 
in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of LA, an overseas office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation dedicated to the promotion of Italian culture in the United States.

Technical Specifications
 *MOV (vlc), lenght 4:16”
Frame width: 4000, frame height: 2000
Data rate: 104244 kbps, frame rate: 24.00 frames/second
Bit rate: 1535 kbps, channels: 2 (stereo), sampling frequency: 48000 kHz
CURTAINS (ink on polyester)
2 curtains: 732 cm x 366 cm, 2 curtains: 915 cm x 366 cm

Size specifications for the installation and stage curtains

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the brilliant minds who poured their hearts into bringing this project to life. 
We extend a special thanks to:
Elia Pellegrini, Andrea Lauria, Luca Levantini, Emanuele Amendola e all the DiverseartLA stuff, 
from the organization to the technicians who helped with the installation assembly ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Il Giardino Planetario (The Planetary Garden)

Il Giardino Planetario (The Planetary Garden)

Il Giardino Planetario is the first collaboration between Noruwei and the Italian contemporary artist Pietro Ruffo: a 3D CGI animation produced w Read More