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    Just sharing a hair bow she made after learning the easy way to make these baby hair bows.
My daughter-in-law makes THE cutest hair bows for her little girl (ie, my granddaughter).  No matter what she is wearing, she has a custom hand-made hair bow to match her outfit.  This started pretty much from birth - her mom always has had a hair bow in the hair of that sweet baby.
My daughter-in-law has gotten REALLY good at making hair bows - she really should start her own business selling them!  I asked her how she learned to make hair bows and would you believe she learned online from a quick little course that shows her step-by-step exactly how to make each style (apparently, there are MANY styles of hair bows... corkers, boutique bows, cheer bows, etc, etc etc - she can make them ALL).
We did a write up on the hair bow making course here if you're interested to learn too.
I want to share a really cute pink polka-dotted hair bow she made to match a spring outfit my granddaughter just had pictures made while wearing.
She made this hair bow in just a few minutes... amazing!
Apparently, the bow making course she took really paid off!