Mammootty Kampany Signature Film

M A M M O O T T Y  K A M P A N Y
A n i m a t e d   S i g n a t u r e   F i l m

Mammootty, one of India’s finest actors, entrusted Eunoians for the creation of a unique signature film
for his production house, Mammootty Kampany. We explored and built on the idea of showcasing multiple genres
through the eyes of a film camera - which is shown through the camera’s field of vision and a different genre
with each seamless transition. Dive through the lens and enter a world of mystery and magic, love and loss,
ponder upon the supernatural, seek thrills, laughs and excitement.

Client: Mammootty Kampany
Video Production: Eunoians

Creative Director: Seerow Unni
Executive Producer: Azeem Kattali
Animation Director: Jeroy Joseph
Production Manager: Imodraj Mohanamani
Storyboard & Styleframes: Seerow Unni
Animatics: Rajesh Velachery
Illustrations: Seerow Unni, Anirudh Peethambaran, Linesh C, Balagopan G
Animations: Mithun Krishna, Suhas Narendran, Anandhu Vinod, Shijas Marakkar, Alwin Jaison
Motiongrahics: Jeroy Joseph, Mahesh Mohan
Copywriting: Vidisha Shenoy, Muna Muhammed
Edit and Compositing: Jeroy Joseph

Mammootty Kampany Signature Film