Lestat de Lioncourt

  • 1968
  • 213
  • 10
  • Giclée Print's Available Online  'Lestat blood' 16x20" and 'Lestat Fire' 16x20"
  • 'Lestat de Lioncourt'  is my piece for an Upcoming WHOA...GNARLY! A 90's Art Show at Ltd Gallery opening May 2nd. 'Interview with the Vampire' (1994) Interview is essentially a tragic love story, with every character playing a domino-effect role. Not only playing their part, but becoming it; sweeping not only the audience away, but also themselves into the decadent and dangerous world of the vampire and Lestat's "One happy family". This movie is a must see for any Anne Rice fan, or any fan of the vampire occult.
  • Limited Edition of 5 'Lestat Portrait on Fire' and Limited Edition of 5 'Lestat Portrait on Blood' Hand Numbered. Check Out the details of the Print Here. This collection of over 30 artists want to believe. Join us to celebrate favorite Pop Culture moments from the 90's!
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