The ultimate rebranding mission
For this project, I took on the task of recreating the traditional Tastykake brand. Tastykake is currently a bland, tacky, relatively unmemorable brand. I decided that it was time to give Tastykake a facelift and bring some youth back into the mix. My creative strategy was to target teens and young adults, 12-25, by making Tastykake youthful, trendy, edgy and free-spirited. In order to do this, I changed the logo and packaging, designed a new website, created an app and illustrated some ambient tactics.
Tastykake's new product packaging features a sleek, modern design with youthful fonts and illustrated images of the product. On the inside of the box is a QR code and instructions as to how to utilize this code in the app or website in order to earn points redeemable for Tastykakes and Tastykake merchandise.
The new website design embraces the young generation's obsession with interactivity. The website gives the user the ability to create their own Tastykake merchandise, upload their image and see his or herself model the merchandise, share the designs, and purchase his or her custom merchandise.
The Tastykake app allows the user to easily enter codes and redeem their points for Tastykakes. The codes from packaging and promotional materials can either be typed in, or the user can snap a picture of a QR code with their phone. Once the codes are entered, the user can redeem their points by generating a custom barcode, which can then be taken to convenience stores such as Wawa and exchanged for free Tastykakes.
The ambient tactic in this campaign will target skateboarders. A large, transparent plexiglass sign will be placed on either side of a half-pipe. When the sun is rising on the one side of the ramp, it will shine through the plexiglass, revealing a message in the form of a shadow on the ramp. The message would give the skaters a custom code to enter into their smartphone (or on the website) and receive free Tastykakes. In the evening when the sun goes down on the other side of the ramp, another image will be revealed with another code. The unique codes will not only generate buzz, but they will allow Tastykake to track where users are getting their codes and which tactics are working most efficiently. This ambient tactic can be replicated in numerous locations, such as on snowboarding half-pipes in the winter, basketball courts, tennis courts--anywhere teens would hang out and work up an appetite. This tactic effectively targets teens, who are highly tech savvy and often have little money for snacks so would be extremely open to coupon use.