Nokia Astound

Challenge: Relaunch the Nokia brand and convince first time smartphone buyers to buy a Nokia Astound™ smartphone instead of its more popular competitor smart phones like iPhones, Android and Blackberry.

Insight: Sharing spontaneous experiences creates richer connections.  
Idea: Now Showing! Your Connections. Demonstrate the possibility of astounding connections with a
Crowd sourced version of "Don't Fence me In" that allows you to join in a remix.  

Expression: Made to Perform
A crowd sourced version of "Don't Fence me In" that allows you to join a remix by using the Nokia Astound's core features. Using YouTube mashup sensation Kutiman, we curated two anthemic remixes, by using every piece of digital media as a Karaoke demonstration of the device. 
This inspired new earned media that drove first time smartphone users to consider the Astound.
The "Don't Fence Me In" Remix-1 by Kutiman
Complex Media - Standard Banner Ads with custom skin
UGO - Home Page Takeover
Myspace - Expandable Push down Banner Unit with custom skin
YouTube - Masthead Billboard with interactive videos
The Nokia USA Product Page
Users are prompted to answer a ringtone to listen to the "Don't Fence Me In" Remix-1 curated by You Tube Maestro Kutiman. Users can then submit their own version of the song to be complied by Kutiman for Remix-2. Submissions are collected through a You Tube integrated API on the site as well as on the Brand Channel on You Tube.

The Nokia USA Remix Page
The Nokia USA Remix Page - FULL SCREEN
The Nokia USA Product Page - Features: Photos

The "Don't Fence Me In" Remix-2 by Kutiman