Todd - From the Woods Series
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    8 foot portrait made of cardboard, rubber, and other trash
Todd is based on a character in a short story I wrote called "Little Coyote." He is a big nasty dude that runs the local dump way out in the woods of southern Vermont. His presence is powerful, imposing, and invasive, maybe even heroic. Although he is Godlike in his poise and size, the trash that he lives and breathes tenuously holds him together and reveals his repulsive nature.
Todd is 8 feet tall made out of anything that goes in the trash:
cardboard, rubber, screws, old paint, fabric, plastic bags, dirt, palette wood, foam, etc.
Finished in Gallery
First process shot in studio
Back Detail
Process Detail: added hand/face
In-Process Face Detail
Arm in process
Finished in Woods-Gerry Senior Show
Finished in Woods-Gerry Senior Show
Finished Face
Exposed Palette Wood Armature
Ear Detail
Nasty Nip
Seams on Belly
Face evolution