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Branding, Identity and Art Direction for Wigan Little Theatre; A 230-seated intimate venue located in the heart of the North-West of England.
Branding and Art Direction for Wigan Little Theatre;
A 230-seater intimate venue located in the heart
of the North-West of England. The theatre is host to
a real mix of traditional and contemporary practice,
so the re-brand needed to reflect this. The theatre
also holds regular comedy nights, guest lectures
and theatre group workshops. 
The original brandmark of the theatre building is over 50 years
old, so the re-brand had to be carefully considered. The
old brandmark was refined, then split into a series of shapes, 
which then go on to form the new brandmark. The letterforms
of the initials of the theatre are generated from these shapes.
This brandmark is interchangable, meaning that the transition
from old to new isn't lost entirely. 
A new colour scheme was created which consists of 3 pairs
of complementary colours plus black and white. This will not
only help break up different events and sections within the
theatre, but will  also help make that transition from traditional
to contemporary a little bit clearer. This was paired with a new
slogan and corperate typeface which plays on the fact that the
theatre might be small, but it still packs a punch. 
The Brand System is built upon a series of interchangable
shapes which have been derived from the original brandmark. 
These shapes are what we call the 'Brand Toolkit'. These
components are the brands building blocks, and are
always used at the heart of any internal or external campaign. 
The business cards are triplex printed using a combination
of the 6 sepearate colourways along with a black stock. The 
logo is die cut out of the front part of the business card, allowing
for the inside layer of stock to appear in contrast. 
The Brand System is versatile in order to be used for
internal and external promotional campaigns. When paired
with the colour scheme, the shapes make up the new
Brand. The shapes are used decorativly in this particular
example, with the forms being manipulated to create the 
skull of Shakpeare's 'Hamlet' and the King of 'Macbeth'. 
As well as using the shapes as part of the brandmark,
imagery is key when it comes to promoting one-off events
such as Guest Speakers and Comedians. It was important 
to create a brand template which can be easily altered to
keep a consistant branded look to all events. 
The tickets and promotional material use the stock as the colour
palette, keeping print costs down only using Key as the colour
to print. The tickets are stamped with the date and brandmark to
reduce waste on unsold tickets for particular shows.
Merchandise is available to purchase through the Little
Shop, which is located inside the theatre itself. All 
merchandise sticks to the colourful and strict palette
of the brand.
The What's on Guide is a regular feature that is 
spread out around town to help promote upcoming
events. The design will change seasonally but a 
basic template has been implemented which can
be easily altered. 
The seasonal listings promotional material is in
the format of a fold-out poster, from A2 size down
to A6. This allows for the lisings to be carried around
but also to be unfolded into a poster. A copy-led
campaign which uses light-hearted local dialect sits
at the heart of the theatre's promo material. 
The Re-brand will come with a supporting campaign
entitled 'Ey Up!'. This is based from a common phrase
used around the North-West specifically and It's a friendly
way to greet people which will be used to instatnly grab
the attention of the local public around the city and across
printed advertisments in Local Newspapers.
Postcards created for the theatre use Shakepearean
language to help promote partocular events which 
might be happening at the Theatre including a 
mixture of Traditional and Contemporary theatre
along with Comedy and Musical performances. 
These are all based around famous Shakespearean
lines, that have been assigned to specific events
such as Music, Lectures and Comedy. 
A mixture of Classic and Contemporary Theatre along
with Workshops and various other Events are
promoted through a mixture of photographic imagery
and the chosen colour scheme. These are paired 
with various taglines that play on the word 'Little'. 
Being part of a small community is integral to the
philosophy of the theatre so we decided to create
little feedback postcards which could be filled in and
pinned onto the noticeboard. This is updated regularly
to help keep pushing the positives and working on
the negatives.
Photography is used to help promote the happenings
of the theatre such as Theatre Performances, Workshops
and Guest Lecturers / Speakers.
The brand system has been applied to web as well as print, 
keeping the visual asthetic consistant across all platforms. 
The website runs on a constant slideshow, often with a 
large image as the background, for bold instant impact. 
The Brand Shape System was applied to the wayfinding
as wall decor and also used to make up various signs 
and symbols such as the male and female WC signage. 
The copy was also carried through into the wayfinding,
again, playing on the word 'Little' and using the varied 
colour scheme to section off areas of the Theatre.
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