Photographer Advertising & Fine Art
Based in Paris, Manuel Bougot began taking pictures very early, during his family's holidays. 
It was in 1977, during a trip to New York that he decided to take up photography full-time.
Graduate of the Louis Lumière National School of Photography in Paris, various encounters led him to cinema, fashion photography, advertising and still life.
In 1988, Manuel opened his studio in Paris and worked for advertising agencies while continuing personal work published as travel diaries, like " Voyage à Java", supported by the Club of Art Directors in the Publishing category.
Since 2004, Manuel Bougot also been working for the press, in publishing, tourism and the Art market. A regular collaborator of AD magazine (Architectural Digest-Vogue), Le Monde and Le Figaro Madame magazine he has done reportages in decoration, architecture and portraits of art celebrities.