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    A personal project about the love of ramen, created for The Marion Nicoll Gallery at Alberta College of Art + Design.
So much of the experience of food - especially ramen - is in it’s presentation, and this exhibition aims to explore the history and cultural context of this Asian noodle dish.
From cup ramen, ramen restaurants, home cooked ramen, haughty celebrity chef ramen, even just ramen blogs, have all fed into my love for this unique food. As a cultural phenomenon, ramen has sparked tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide, influential movies (Tampopo), and provided affordable comfort to millions of destitute college students across the globe.
Here is ramen: where it came from, where it’s going and everything in between.
Special thanks to the wonderful people who helped throughout the process:
My family, Pacific Coast Print & Copy, Luke Maddaford, Charles Bell, Naoko Masuda,
Karl Geist, Michael Mateyko, Jordan Baylon, Amy Pon & Maria Castro
Ramen Evolution Series
"The Roots of Ramen"
"The Roots of Ramen" detail
"The Roots of Ramen" detail
"Just Add Water"
"Just Add Water" detail
"Just Add Water" detail
"Everybody Loves Ramen"
"Everybody Loves Ramen" detail
"Everybody Loves Ramen" detail
Ramen Creation Series
"Create: Noodles"
"Create: Broth"

"Create: Toppings"

"Create: The Ramen"

Ramen Anatomy Series
"Nifty Noodles"
"Beautiful Broth"
"Fresh Flavours"
"Tasty Toppings"
Marion Nicoll Gallery Space
Opening Reception
Featuring a feast of cup noodles, fish cake cookies, seaweed, and green tea.
Thank You!