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MACH V1 Ultra
Industrial Design
The World's First Cordless Steam Wet&Dry Stick Vacuum
MACH 2022
Industrial Design
Designed by Jaewan Jeong, Simon Kim, and Ang Chao

Introducing MACH V1 Ultra - Bakery

Introducing MACH V1 Ultra - Pet

The World's First Cordless Steam 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

The visual identity of the MACH V1 Ultra is to keep simple yet iconic silhouettes and express the powerful performance gently by using transparent materials. It delivers not only a genuinely premium and unique design that differentiates it from others when seen from a distance but also sophisticated details close-up.

It cleans wet or dry messes. Stains too. All types of messes.

World's First Cordless SteamWave™ Technology.
110°C featuring a continuous flow of high energy steam, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and all type of messes including stubborn stains easily.

Eco-Clean Ozone™ sterilization technology wipes out 99.9% of bacteria in one go. Hassle-free with no disinfectant solution required. The ozone can be used to clean both the floor and the vacuum itself, including the rolling brush.

AutoClean™ technology: the self-cleaning cycle automatically removes dirt, hair, and debris from the brush roller by using MACH-made detergent for hands-free maintenance at the touch of a button.
And intelligent charging station uses 50°C warm air to dry the brush roller even more quicker and cleaner.

AutoClean™ Technology allows you to self-clean and dry the roller brush at the touch of a button.

JetBlade™ Ground Quick Drying Technology: Unique automatic control vector nozzle, can accurately orient air dry clean wet, and smooth ground, reducing the risk of the elderly and children falling.

Tesla Valve Mixing™ Technology: The automatic detergent dispensing at the touch of a button.

High-Resolution LCD Display and Buttons for easy operation, with smart alerts. It allows you to check the instant updates.

Jetstream™ Fan Technology, Industry-Leading Noise Cancelling Technology
Powerful 16800 Pa suction, can efficiently deal with ground waste, at the same time, only 65 dB of noise (Noise testing results from SPL), Industry-Leading Noise Cancelling Technology ensures a quieter experience.

82-Minute Comprehensive Runtime: Providing a thorough deep clean of your home on a single charge! Perfect for large areas. 82 minutes of runtime on a single charge - twice that of competitor products.

MACH APP Guide: For first-time use, the boot animation will guide you to learn the basic operations. And also informs you if any problem is caused.

Simple Maintenence: All you need to do is just empty the dirty water tank after cleaning.

The Breathtaking Details
Even in iconic silhouettes, within users' reach, there are breathtaking details. Every detail, button, display, and water tank is crafted with extreme care and deep thinking to deliver the best experience and ergonomics to everyone.

The Process to Deliver the Best
Great design is done with a great design process. Countless prototypes and mock-ups to optimize in every way. Focusing on problem points, ideation, and sharing insight with the team, we have developed a market-leading product in only 13 months.

Premium and Unique
V1 Ultra's visual identity delivers superb premium and unique design that differentiates it from all other products on the market. Also, it is beautiful enough to change the atmosphere of the interior wherever it is placed.

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Other countries will follow for the second round.

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MACH V1 Ultra

MACH V1 Ultra