The brief for this project was to produce a poster series which advertised a mundane and uninteresting product. The products were assigned to us individually. I was given the paperclip as my product.
The concept behind my series is to focus on the longevity of the paperclips design. Despite its meek and uninteresting purpose in life, it seems to have perfected its form. Since its invention in 1867 the paper clip has undergone very little change or alteration within its core design. Many have tried to better it, and failed. My series looks at how a paperclip has been used during the design of far more interesting products, but also focuses on how the paperclip with still be here long after the exciting products have evolved into new and better things.

The idea of the blueprint aesthetic came as a result of comparing the wire frame structure of a schematic illustration to the construction of a paper clip. The idea of living through stages of design evolution also links to blueprints as they too feature prominently within the design process.