Hello people,

Over the last couple of months Henning Sanden, a close friend of mine, and I have been working on a tutorial site called FlippedNormals. 
Our goal is to provide people with a range of free quick high quality tutorials, focusing on why and how, making sure that you really get a firm grasp of the subject.
We plan on releasing a new tutorial every week, gladly taking suggestions from the community! 

The flagship for now is our Introduction to 3D, which is a tutorial we made to gather a lot of info for true beginners to 3D. All the info exists out there, but it's really scattered and oftentimes technical and not beginner friendly. We're trying to present complex topics in very simplified manner. 

- Introduction to 3D - 

We hope you will help us build a strong community, and we look forward to making more tutorials for you!

We already have some tutorials, such as:

Uv Map effeiciently using ZBrush

Marking Menus In Maya for Faster Modeling

ZBrush to modo - 32 bit displacements


We hope that you fine fellows find it at least somehow useful