Editorial for WAD magazine n°49
    Picture by Ben Sandler / Instalation by Le Creative Sweatshop
    Editorial made for As De Pique
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    For this new issue about street and urban ways of traveling , WAD magazine offered us a free space of creation.
    Using vintage and hi-tech pieces from AS DE PIQUE, we created sculptures and mobiles. A tribute to the geometric contructions of Kandinsky, and the abstract art of Calder & Miro.
  • Photo - Ben Sandler 
    Art Direction - Le Creative Sweatshop
    Assistant photo - T.Chéné, V.andré, A.Truffaut 
    Lcss assistant - Stephane Perrier, Laétitia Sitruk
    Bike supplie by - As De Pique
    Special thanks - Julien Drapier, Alex Sossah, Ditte
    Retouching - Pierrick le Gros
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