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Richey Suncoast Theatre
Richey Suncoast Theatre
Ad Design
As Media Sales Specialist, Panache Vue' Magazine I design some of the ads for non-profit organizations, and my personal clients. Panache Vue' supports the work of the Richey Suncoast Theatre with no-cost advertising opportunities.
1/2 Page - July/August 2011
This ad builds on the design from May/June. As the theater has no Summer shows to promote, the 2011-2012 season was pushed to the top as the most significant ad component. An additional season of entertainment was listed below - Frank Parsons Big Band. As the Panache Vue' logo was revised by the publisher - this was also updated.
1/2 Page - May/June 2011
The Unsinkable Molly Brown graphic was extracted from a poster, which was designed by someone else. For the rest of the ad, I focused on the 2011-2012 season with dates and price. I chose the black, gold, and rich reds to represent the drama of theater and elements of a stage curtain.
1/2 Page - March/April 2011
This issue's ad focused on the special show - "Ticket to Broadway." I used some elements from my previous ad, including the logo, website, and contact information. I created the "Ticket to Broadway" text with "Playbill" Font. I designed the tickets and entire ad in Adobe Illustrator. I had the idea for an ad that faded to black on the bottom to support the text, but with a New York skyline, bright lights, or sunset look. Although I could draw these elements, I remembered seeing them before. They are royalty free at these two locations. I just made them fit the design, and altered the colors.

The striped background - http://vectorjunkey.com/detail-Resource-blue_vector.php
The skyline - http://www.123freevectors.com/city/30-skylines-free-vector-pack
Full Page - Inside Back Cover - Jan/Feb 2011
Another designer put together the larger graphic element for a poster. I edited that for the dimension of this ad, including adjustment of the decorative vines and width. I re-created the Richey Suncoast Theatre logo, as the only item available was a low-res bitmap image.
Richey Suncoast Theatre

Richey Suncoast Theatre

Examples of ad design for use in Panache Vue' Magazine.