Dustin Falls - Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Went exploring around Dustin Falls, right outside of Siloam Springs, Arkansas to do a couple photography projects for class with my roommate.  Some of these images are for projects and some are just fun.
The projects included having a fast and slow shutter speed and taking as many pictures as you could with a single object, which is what the iamges for the cactus was from.  All images shot with a Canon 60D.
The girl in the pictures is my roommate and good friend Madison Gies.
My roomate posing for me :)
Super sketch dirt road that lead the way to the falls.
This was actually taken by my roomate, so that is my backside in the picture.  We were standing on a ledge overlooking a lake as the sun was setting.
None of these images should be used without my permission.  If you need to use one for any reason, just shoot me an email.