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Work from a Pfizer pitch showing our thinking about their existing partnership with the NHL.
Advil was launching a new product and challenged us to use their partnership with the NHL and the Winter Classic to help promote the iconic brand.
With a newer, faster pain relief product coming to the market this September the brand had an existing partnership that was perfect for a fresh take. The brief was simple- create a truly immersive campaign within the NHL partnership. 
With only a couple weeks to create the entire experience we worked hand in hand with the Latitude, The Richard Groups experiential division. The result was a vision for Advil which catapulted the brands new product and would enhanced fan experiences across the NHL. We played up the connection between the speed of Advils new product and the speed of hockey to deliver a memorable campign.
Partnerships on broadcast to keep the messaging top of mind for the fans throughout the season.
In game polling of fans at the games throught the season.
Rich media buys that would promote events surrounding the Winter Classic.
‘Immersive’ done well.
Some media buys have always been an afterthought for partnerships, typically consisting of only a logo lock up and one or two mentions of their official partnership on air. We saw the launch of the new product as an opportunity. A blank slate to create a campaign which takes the best of the existing experience and presents it in a way that is even more engaging and inherently social.
Intergrating an Advil Fast Lane update into the existing NHL app.
An interactive installation where fans could race their favorite NHL players.
Using geofencing, we would listened to the social chatter of the Winter Classic and provided fans with unexpected seat upgrades.
We needed to create a unique space for the brand in social. We needed to provide fans with something of value.
We wanted to create a social content that would be sharable and provide real value to the fan. Using Instagram, Vine, and iPhone notifications to showcase different social media promotions around Fast Acting Advil. Creating the fastest highlights gave fans the most relevant stories, creating a snapshot of the previous day in hockey. Using prush notifications we also let fans know about a "flash" hockey game featuring NHL legends the day before the Winter Classic.