Aégis Illustration & Art Direction 2014 Showreel
With a heart full of pride I show you my first artistic reel. I was asked by Adobe to create a small reel of my work to use as an introduction to me on the Create Now tour and its stop in Madrid, as I was going to be one of the speakers of the show presenting a Behance Portfolio Review... So I decided that I had to do something more than just a video reel. 
It was my first attempt of using After Effects (although final project was rendered in Premiere), and the experience was very inspirational and motivational, as it has served me to re-think the branding of my studio since then. It has shown me that I'm not only an illustrator, but a storyteller!

At the end, the video was used to open the full show instead of my section. I'm not just hoping to reach new clients with this (obviously), but I hope it serves as a little motivation to search for your own story, no matter your job or way of life is.
Switch to 1080 HD, please! :)
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