For years the Colombian Ministry of Defense has used testimonies of former guerrillas inviting others to demobilize, and this fact had been nationally broadcasted in Radio and TV. But to avoid more demobilizations, FARC said to their men that those who already gave their testimonies have been killed by the Army, after their appearance on different media.
To disprove FARC lies, we worked together with the founder of FARC radio station: Medardo Maturana, A.K.A. Negro Tomás. He recently demobilized, and we took him back to the radio to broadcast his testimony.
From Caracol Radio  - one of the most important radio stations in Colombia - he LIVE broadcasted the largest media coverage event in Colombia - the 2014 Brazilian World Cup Qualifying Match - as proof that he is still ALIVE, and also he invited his former guerrilla audience to finally demobilize.
Live / En vivo