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    Game of Thrones (deceased) character artwork. All done in Adobe Illustrator, 100% vector (oh, and no tablet - just the MBP's touchpad).
King Joffrey of House Baratheon, the First of His Name. The King on the Iron Throne.
100% Vector. His death made people believe in God again...
Joffrey Baratheon closeup (screencap from Illustrator)
Robert Baratheon, King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the head of House Baratheon of King's Landing
100% Vector. This is exactly how I would like to remember Robert by...
Robert Baratheon closeup (screencap from Illustrator)
Hand of the King, Eddard Stark - Lord of Winterfell
100% Vector. Ned in his palace attire. Yes, I kept his head attached to his body...
Ned closeup (screencap from Illustrator)
King of the North, Robb Stark 
100% Vector. Robb wearing a modified armor over his leather tunic.
Robb closeup (screencap from Illustrator)
Khal Drogo of the Dothraki tribe

100% Vector. (colored version to follow... maybe, maybe not)
Drogo closeup (screencap from Illustrator)
TalisaStark WIP screencap from Illustrator.
She's wearing a bracelet from de GRISOGONO Allegra Collection (REF. 45805/10) located at De Grisogono Boutique Geneva. It would've been the perfect wedding gift in the realm of Game of Thrones. This is a product placement exercise and art direction on my end.
Closeup of the braclet. 100% vector and within' theme style.
TalisaStark a.k.a Talisa Maegyr, Queen and wife of Robb Stark
100% Vector. Braclet is from de Grisogono's Allegra collection.