A classroom project, in which we made a packaging for a Ready-to-Drink (RTD) protein shake, for the athletes who travel and do not want to compromise with their nutrition. 
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There are 2 units in this package. The first one contails 300 ml of ready-to-drink protein shake whereas the second one are small and compact 30 gram packages that contains dry whey protein powder
The user can choose which package to take according to his needs. Both the packages can be stacked together as shown in the image above. The user can take as many package as he wants depending on his need.
There are 6 packs in total. These include 2 variants: Hydrowhey which is best suited for day ime consumption and the other one is Pro Casein which is best suited for night consumption. 
The user will shake the drink, open the cap, remove the alluminium seal and start drinking the protein shake. Once opened the shake should be consumed with an hour without refrigeration. 
ONs Travel Package