The world expo in 2012 will take place in Yeosu, Japan.  The main theme will be “the ocean and coast”, for which each country will design a space showing their relations with these natural spaces.
For the Mexican pavilion the aim was to design a group of armchairs representing one of the Mexican states meeting with the coast.
The state chosen was Colima, a state with a rich culture and unique vegetation.
Different aspects of this culture were represented, some in the colors, others in textures and others in the materials used in the armchair´s design.

Thefinal product was produced in a mixture of wood and textiles. Thestructure was a stylized representation of the “petatera”, a bull ringmade of wood that lasts 2 days and the biggest in the world. The seatrepresented the women’s dress and the dances they perform.

The set is formed by three armchairs which can be positioned in different ways to create various spaces.