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    A hand crafted book about a childhood memory.
The Brief: Using an early childhood memory, design a book that focuses on certain aspects of the experience. The aim is to take an interesting aspect of the memory and transform it into the narrative of the book.
The memory I chose was one from when I was very young and unable to swim properly. I remember getting into great difficulty in the water and had to be helped by passers by. Even though this was scary at the time, I instead wanted to focus on the moment when I began to sink under the water when a moment of calm washed over me. This led to my book being titled 'Halcyon', which means a moment of peace or clarity.
Hand cut pages
I wanted to focus on the distortion of the sun's rays when under the water, so I decided paper cutting would be an appropriate medium to apply to my memory. Using paper was also a way to show the fragile and delicate side to my memory. 
The idea was that the story would be printed on separate pieces of card that could be pulled from within the paper cut pages to mirror the time that I was pulled from the water in my memory.