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    I Jump the gap, doing this design called ECO zonda, a tub with integrated shower, all made in Corian, which is able to recycle the water while yo… Read More
    I Jump the gap, doing this design called ECO zonda, a tub with integrated shower, all made in Corian, which is able to recycle the water while you are bathing. This system greatly reduced daily water consumption in a house type. The shower has a sensor system that detects on which position of the tub is standing the user, providing a greater flow of water in that area. Read Less
Eco zonda
Roca Jump the Gap 2011 design competition project
For me theexpression Jump the Gap, means an opportunity to changethe world from the standpoint of design.
Daily designers arededicated to solve everydayproblems, trying to improve the lives ofpeople, designing objects more efficient, and environmentallyfriendly.
The shortage of waterrequires reiterating a call formoderation in consumptionby the population worldwide, withoutwhose cooperation the technical efforts undertaken by some organizations wouldbe insufficient.
Only avery little ofwater is used for human consumption because:90% is sea water andhave salt, 2% is ice and is at thepoles, and only 1% of the entire planetis fresh water ,found inrivers, lakes and groundwater. 
Moreover,water as found in nature, to be used without risk to humanconsumption needs to be treated toremove particles and organisms which may be harmful tohealth. And finally tobe distributed through pipes toyour house so you can consumeit without any problem or risk.
Water quality is essential for food, energy andproductivity. Judicious management of this resource iscentral to the strategy of sustainable development,understood as an integral management to seek a balance betweeneconomic growth, equity and environmentalsustainability through a regulatory mechanismthat is effective social participation.

Water is an essential but scarce resource forlife. Less than 1% of the planet's water is fresh and accessible to humans, although thisvaries considerably depending onlocation, climate or season.
I Jump thegap, doing this design called ECO zonda, a tub with integrated shower, allmade in Corian, which is able to recyclethe water whileyou are bathing. This system greatlyreduced daily water consumption in a house type.
The shower has a sensor system thatdetects on which position of the tub isstanding the user, providing agreater flow of water in that area.
Thetub has a waterflow regulator, and also has aninnovative digital touch panel, which has the water mixture, optimizing the mixof hot and cold water.
This tub has three basic functions, shower, Jacuzziand a typical tub.
I usedCorian as a main material because in the field of design, technology is drivingforward the frontiers. Where a material is as adaptable and formable as Corian,innovation is a happy accident waiting to happen.
Extremelyflexible when heat-treated, Corian can be formed into virtually any shape, orworked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges. This gives me the freedom tocreate innovative solutions.