Bolt Explainer Video

Motion Graphics
After Effects
Bolt sent us a high-stakes request for a brand awareness video to support their re-brand. The ask was to showcase their unique offering of making customer checkouts quick, easy, and painless. The brand’s Electric Dynamism reflects the excitement and instantaneity of a one-click checkout process through the use of dramatic wide-angle lenses, energetic movement, a powerful color palette, and a slight nod to surrealism.​​​​​​​

We aligned with Bolt’s illustration and design guidelines in order to stay true to its nature. We played around with energy and perspective with the goal to make it so dynamic that even before animation, the elements appear as though they may jump right off the frame. There was a conscious effort to keep the sequences fresh and engaging in every part of the film.

We wanted the animation to work with the dynamic nature of the illustration style. To do this, we had to answer some questions: How do we achieve dynamic distortion? How will we treat transitions? How can we keep the film engaging from start to finish? We defined the rhythm and flow of the film with a traditional approach doing 2D layout and blocking animation in drawing which would later serve as a reference and directorial vision for the animators to follow. Using a mixed technique of 2D and 3D animation, all the organic elements of the film were animated in after effects enabling us to keep these elements super dynamic and in style. For the most structured elements of the film, we used 3D animation which allowed us to smoothly keep volumes and shapes for specific scenes.

Creative Lead: Juan MoralesJosé Teixeira
Illustration Lead: Jorge Margarido
Alina Starovoitova, Augusto Zambonato, Jonatan Castillo, Nacho Navaja
Animation Lead: Manuel Berbin
Motion Design/Animation: Karim Salah El-DinLeonardo Rica, Geraldine Perez, Michelle Pienaar, Irving Calderon

Team Lead: Tamayra Bastidas 

Creative Project Management: Juliana Paba, Yesdasi Blanco
Customer Success Management: Michael King

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Bolt Explainer Video