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    Children's charity brand identity and promotional materials including: posters, badge, crayons, pin wheel and stationary.
Help Roxi Walk
I branded and helped set up a charity to raise money for life changing surgery so that my niece can one day walk unaided, as she suers from cerebral palsy. The campaign worked and we managed to raise £50,000 in less than 15 months.
This charity is very close to my heart. Roxi is my niece and me and my brother set up the charity to help raise funds to pay for her surgery. She has cerebral palsy in her legs and may never walk. The charity needed to capture the hearts of the public and make them want to donate to a little girl in need. It needed to be a little something different than the normal children's charity to try and convince people to donate and of course it needed to reflect what the cause was all about, a little girl who will never walk unless we raise £50,000.

The obvious route was to go with a heart logo or child like drawing, but we thought it needed to be positive and bright, showing people what could be if you donate. The children's pin wheel was the perfect metaphor and the little toes added that personal touch. The colour scheme was bright and little bit girly after all Roxi is a girl.

All sorts of different promotional materials were made for fundraising purposes from posters to badges and even a few pin wheels with toes. The campaign was a success and the target was achieved in June 2014 only fifteen months after the appeal was started. Roxi will be having her life changing surgery in September 2014 and she will one day walk all on her own.