Joe R. Lansdale - "The Drive-In"
Book cover design for IED, Rome.
"The Drive-In" by Joe R. Lansdale ("La notte del drive-in" in italian) is a pulp b-movie horror story about some kids being prisoners in a drive-in by a kind of strange "evil god of popcorn" that makes people turn into crazy cannibals by making them eat his own flesh (which are disguided as popcorns).
So I wanted to deceive the reader in the same way by concealing the true nature of the image on the cover with a double sleeve design.
The story is set during a "horror movie marathon" organized by the drive-in (called "Orbit") where they served pop-corn with red butter, as fake blood.
By removing the second cover the reader will find the shocking truth: what he was up to "eat" wasn't pop corn but human brain!