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    Various freelance and self-initiated projects including: brand identity, editorial, user interface design, book covers, infographics, posters, st… Read More
    Various freelance and self-initiated projects including: brand identity, editorial, user interface design, book covers, infographics, posters, stationary etc. Read Less
Various Projects 2012-2014
Various freelance and self-initiated projects from my first and second year studying Graphic Communication with Typography BA Hons at Plymouth University.
Kielder Observatory
This new and exciting attraction needed an identity to help compete with other successful educational experiences with strong brands such as the science museum. I have rebranded Kielder Observatory to help promote itself and astronomy with an emphasis on exploring stars. The identity makes you think about and interact with constellations by allowing you to discover your own patterns and imagery within the logo.
GLOW - Natural Disaster Warner
A fictitious app to warn you of a natural disaster close to your current position. This app was designed with simple flat ui design style to make it easy to use in the event of a disaster, the information needed to be understood quickly and clearly. Colour was used to represent how dangerous the disaster was, red being the worst case senerio. I also deveopled a new minimalistic interpretentation of each type of disaster and this was used to represent the amount of time left till the disaster hit. On the final page is a compass with a white glow on the edge of the screen, this glow moves with user and will help guide them to safety.
The Power and the Water: Connecting Past and Futures
An environmental history initiative that focuses on environmental connectivity’s that has emerged in Britain since industrialisation. They ran a competition to design them a logo and I won, the last concept number 4 was the winner and is now used on their website.
ICE Cocktail Club
ICE is a cocktail club with a difference, aimed at the higher class individual that appreciates every aspect of the cocktail. The idea was to create a colorful but sophisticated brand so I chose the ghostly rim of a glass to represent ICE cocktail Club.
451 Fahrenheit
I had to depict the word disruption with the combination of image and type. I did this by disrupting a clean white piece of paper through the technique of burning. The name came from an interesting article I found which described the auto ignition point of paper 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pigeon English Book Cover
The story is told from the point of view of Harrison Okupu, an eleven-year-old Ghanaian immigrant living on a tough London estate enduring everything that comes with it, from gangs to stabbings, seeking refuge through his friend the pigeon.
A simple minimalist 3 colour screen printed poster, a fictitious invention that an umbrella could just be a stick that blew out a canopy of air to protect you from the rain, hence the tagline "the power of air to keep you dry".
A security systems company with a simple identity to represent what there all about, keeping your house safe. A fence like badge of protection and safety.
Plymouth Museum - Social History Archive Infographic
The social history archive is a huge collection of things from over the ages from empty bottles to record players, anything you can think of they have at least one of them. The museum wanted an infographic to show the how many objects they have from different ages and the condition they are in. I chose to represent the information in the shape of the Plymouth lighthouses that have existed over the years, adding another layer of information and interest to the infographic.
The History of the Letter U
The idea is to represent the different forms of the letter U over the ages and how it was written differently in different words, also an extra layer of meaning the letter is transforming from an old style serif font to a modern style sans serif font. The description at the bottom of the poster - During the late Middle Ages, two forms of 'v' developed, which were both used for its ancestor 'u' and modern 'v'. The pointed form 'v' was written at the beginning of a word, while the rounded form 'u' was used in the middle or end, regardless of sound. Therefore 'have', 'upon' and 'unveil' were printed 'haue', 'vpon' and 'vnueil'. The first distinction between the letters 'u' and 'v' is recorded in a Gothic alphabet from 1386, where 'v' preceded 'u'. By the mid-16th century, the 'v' form was used to represent the consonant and 'u' the vowel sound, giving us the modern letter 'u'.
Plymouth University Poker Society
I was asked to design a new brand for the society because the previous identity was becoming old dated. They wanted a new modern look that was similar to the current 'With Plymouth University' brand to appear more welcoming to new members.
A typographic wordmark inspired by the Jewish History Museum in Berlin. The typography is meant to not only reflect the architecture of the building but also the terrible history of the Jews.
An annual report infographic magazine for Amnesty International. Includes statistics on how succesful Amnesty have been in fighting for human rights around the world, using the combination of there own taglines and copy with my own graphics and imagery to create a beautiful yet informative publication.
10 Ways
An unsuccessful competition entry to design a logo for 10 Ways, a website dedicated to helping people save money. The logo was based on a light bulb because 10 ways is full of interesting and crazy idea on how to make money without working.
Access Records
I was asked to brand a new independent record label based in Leeds, the brief was to create something similar to the current record label brand style. The logo needed to be used purely on its own on the back of album art therefore it had to be simple, modern and iconic. To add a little visual interest to the brand and create a slightly different look to the rest of the record label brands, I warped the logo into a sound wave design to be applied to all branding and promotional materials. This helped the brand become its own record label and have its own identity and still appear modern and fresh.