BeBall: Shaping Individuals through Basketball

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  • The logo design references the shaping of the individual through the medium and structure of the game of basketball. As the intangible assets of basketball are the building blocks, or foundation of our character, the hexagonal shape suggests the putting together of one's character or shaping the foundation of the individual.
  • The arrangement of the shapes in the intangible icon represents a huddle of players coming together. The color variety hints at diversity and individuality, while the repetetive shapes maintain the notion that we are all people before anything else.
  • The pairing of colors represents the balancing act that happens with these intangibles. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, especially if it is taking attention away from other assets to be learned. 
  • The booklet is designed for coaches to pick up and learn what BeBall is all about. It is a foot in the door for getting coaches to sign up for the program. And once they sign up, they can print out the Intangibles Checklist from the website to keep track of their players' intangible asset progress. Once the players check off a certain number of criteria (at the coaches disgression) they get rewarded with a pair of shoelaces.
  • The shoelaces act as a physical trophy the players can have on the court. Playing off the empowerment concept of being able to jump higher and run faster with new shoes, the laces remind them what they did to earn that reward, and that characteristic will show up on the court again.
  • The packaging design doubly functions as a trophy that can be taken into the home and put on a shelf. This lets the player know that the intangible asset they excel at is also important in life off the court, not just in basketball.